Chong & Bee – Madison, WI Hmong Wedding Photographer

Chong contacted me in April to talk about her September 30th wedding. I knew Chong from attending a summer course with her. Although we only knew each other from the class and crossed path once or twice, I knew that this was probably one of the most down-to-earth gal there is because of the people she surrounded herself with. Since I wanted to venture into the wedding part of photography, I agreed to photograph their wedding.

Chong had insisted that this would be an intimate, casual, no-big-deal kind of wedding at a park. So casual that all the wedding festivities would start and end within 2 hours so that Bee, her fiance, can go disc golfing afterwards. I had plan to attend the world’s most intimate, casual, no-big-deal kind of wedding at a park. But I was wrong. It was a big deal. After all, some of Chong and Bee’s friends and family have flown from California to celebrate the union of two lifelong friends. Chong and Bee’s friends in Madison has also spent days preparing many beautiful diy projects that beautifully decorated the park. The food was also catered from one of Madison’s top restaurant. Desserts such as cakes and donuts were catered from one of the best bakery in town-Lane’s Bakery. The Hmong nava dessert was created with all the works in every color.


Chong and Bee was a big deal.

Their marriage meant so much to their family and friends that they somehow have made these small “no-big-deal” things into such loud statements of love and hope.

Chong and Bee have created the best home away from home for the past years in Madison. They surround themselves with the most wonderful group of friends. Friends who give without remembering and receive without forgetting. There were absolutely smiles and laughter throughout the day. Each moment reminding all of us how magical love is.

“Can we just take photos of you?” Bee gently said to Chong as I’m taking her bridal photos. He stood to the side and silently admired the beautiful woman in front of him. I smiled thinking of what he said and how it probably was written in a love story somewhere.

I could have taken photos of Chong and Bee all day if I could. There is just something special about the look of love on your client’s face. A glow that starts from within and shines throughout the photographs. Smiles become genuine. Poses become natural. And love is captured.



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