Panouchie – Madison, WI Hmong Senior Photographer

Is it possible to be 18 and look this amazing and well put together? I don’t remember being this outgoing, graceful, or confident as a senior in high school. I kept within my own circle of friends and would be considered socially awkward if I met someone for the first time.

Full of grace and natural beauty, Panouchie is exactly what her name is–bright, sunny, flower.

Panouchie’s first outfit was a casual flowy floral dress. She had made a last minute decision to wear this dress instead of the one she decided on the days before her session. The dress was perfect for her session! It was a cloudy day, in fact there was a thunderstorm of some sort before her session. I almost called it off but seeing that the sunflowers were at peak season, I decided to play it by ear. I’m glad she chose this dress because the white in her dress helped reflect some of the overcast clouds back onto her face, providing her an even glow.

Each senior session features a pose or two with the senior’s parents. Panhouchie shared with me how happy her mother was when I told her that she can dress up and also get her photos taken with her senior. I mean, raising a child to be 18 years old and full of energy and confident is kind of hard to do. This moment should be captured and treasured for years to come.

Panouchie’s second outfit is a Hmong outfit that she wore last year when she was a part of the Madison dance troupeĀ Madison Dhia Seev. She chose this outfit because being in this group helped build her up into the person she is today. Panouchie shared how she was more reserved and not as outspoken but through this team, she got to know herself better and learned that she loved to dance.

You know what they say, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” With a strong aura that exudes confidence and beauty, I know Panouchie will go far in working towards her dreams.



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