Youa in the fall – Madison, WI Hmong Family Photographer

Youa’s family session felt like a family reunion. It felt like I was meeting my sisters after years of being separated, even though we just met for the first time. I didn’t realize it in the moment, but I know now that her session was comfortable because she was herself–funny, happy, and absolutely laid back. There was that automatic connection with Youa’s family because each member of the family was his or herself.

Youa and her sisters live in different cities. Each sister got married and went off on their own to create their dreams. And as the years flew by, so did the times they spent together. Family gatherings were too short. Time spent in each other’s presence was too short. Saying good bye to each other was too hard.

Where will they be five years from now? Only time will tell, but we can stop time, at least just for two hours. And that’s what this session was about.

Youa’s family session was about capturing who they are right now– together is where they belong.



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