Houa & Jason – Madison, WI Hmong Family Photographer

Houa and Jason showed up to their family photo session dressed to the T. Jason was dressed in a mustard green button up shirt, Houa was in a burgundy midi, and both their sons were decked out in adorable vests and hats. (Psst…choosing the right outfit for your photo session is the best thing you can do to make sure that your photos turn out the way you want it to be.)

Along with Houa and Jason was their beautiful two sons–Charlie with the cutest chubby cheeks and probably the chillest infant and Teddy with the cutest laugh and who adores the outdoors!

This was such an easy session because Houa and Jason are such great parents. They responded to each child’s needs with ease, almost like they’ve been parenting forever! They would follow Teddy’s lead since most 2 year olds can’t sit still for less than a minute. Teddy would pick up some leaves on the ground and Houa or Jason would be right there with him, either watching or playing with him with the biggest smile on their face. Charlie was always cuddled, kissed, talked or cooed to. He was awake and alert and almost knew that he was at a photo session because he stared so intensely at the camera so much.

Although Houa and Jason haven’t been parents for that long, you know they were more than ready to take on that responsibility. You also know that these two boys will become incredible adults with the care and patience Houa and Jason has with one another and with their children.



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