M & L – Wausau, WI Hmong Family Photographer

I love photographing couples. There is nothing easier than photographing two people, completely in love with each other. The photos are more candid, the poses are more natural, and the smiles are genuine. M & L is exactly that. It was so fun photographing them because of how comfortable they are with one another.

We took these photos at the Monk Garden in Wausau, Wisconsin. I’m so glad I chose this location because there are so many different areas for pictures! We didn’t get to explore the tree house structure or the prairie and woods, but we still got some great photos.

Our second location was at Rib Mountain. We met each other on a different weekend to photograph the lovebirds in their Hmong clothes. The vibrant colors and design showed up so well on camera! The clothes also added a magical touch to their previous collection of photos.

Congratulations on your engagement M & L!




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